Two musical moms find themselves the center of attention on stage
and the center of the storm at home.

The Height Of Glamour

On Sunday night I attended the 2014 Tony Awards with my husband, Jason Robert Brown, who wrote the score and orchestrations for the Broadway production of “The Bridges Of Madison… Read more…

Mom Shift

Like working moms everywhere, I have felt that constant struggle to find balance – the elusive, perfect ratio of time away from the kids versus financial gain. I had the… Read more…

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Mother Earth Day

Forgive me blog-o-sphere, for I have sinned … it’s been MONTHS since my last update. With every good intention, Georgia and I created this blog to share our mothering adventures… Read more…


New Year, New Resolutions… Or Not

It's the end of the year, and of course I'm thinking about New Year's resolutions. I've had the years where I made a list of resolutions (and kept none of… Read more…


The Museum In My Closet

In the back of my closet is a bridesmaid’s dress that I wore in a wedding over ten years ago. I was heavier then, so the dress is too big… Read more…